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 Update du 17/10

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Date d'inscription : 11/03/2008

MessageSujet: Update du 17/10   Ven 17 Oct 2014 - 23:40

Change log:
1. Night missions were added to the Campaign;
2. Destroyed villages and bonfires were added to the front line areas in the Campaign;
3. Bonfires in Stalingrad were added to the Campaign;
4. The skill level of allied AAA was changed in the Campaign. It should be safe now on the home airfield;
5. Ammo counter for the turret armament was added in multiplayer;
6. The lag between hits and hit sounds was decreased in multiplayer;
7. Trucks and train cabs should be swinging on the road in multiplayer as they are in single player modes;
8. The bug with ground vehicles shooting after being destroyed and removed from the map was fixed;
9. The bug with flares and headlights random disappearing was fixed;
10. Sun glint on the airfields coming from the already set sun was removed;
11. The bug with turrets not shooting when the aircraft is damaged was fixed;
12. FW 190 A-3 climb rate was corrected according to the reference data;
13. Engine limits added not only to extreme revs but for extreme supercharge as well (with possible break down in case of prolong use);
14. Ju 87 D-3 and He 111 H-6 now have an automatic supercharger mode instead of switching to the 2 stage;
15. Time for takeoff and climb engine modes on He 111 H-6 and Ju 87 D-3 was increased, so after 1 minute of takeoff mode the engines should be able to run 30 minutes in climb mode;
16. After 1 minute of working in extreme engine mode Bf 109 F-4 should be able to run in combat mode for 30 minutes;
17. After 3 minutes of working in extreme engine mode FW 190 A-3 should be able to run in combat mode for 30 minutes;
18. Reheat time limiter on La-5 bug was fixed;
19. Animation for landing lights, nav lights and cockpit light switches on He 111 H-6 was added;
20. Flaps lever animation on He 111 H-6 was fixed;
21. Basic set of scenarios was added (standalone single missions).
22. Speed indication on FW 190 A-3 fixed;
23. Speed indication on Ju 87 D-3 fixed.
24. Parts which have fell off from plane now have damage on them
25. Temporary design of Plane Setup dialog was replaced by final one
26. Special marks were added to Premium customers HUD icons in Multiplayer game

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Update du 17/10
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